Monday, October 23, 2017


Hi, how’s life in Singapore? How’s the deal with Pink Tank Recs, a one-off deal?
Life here's pretty alright, clean and green. I don't know what future plans Pink Tank has for us beyond this record but for now, we're both focused on making this release great.

So far how’s the reaction of the audience towards Snakecharmer? What the song is all about? Tell us about the recording process of this song and people who involve with it?
The reaction was overwhelming, especially since all of us played in very different sounding bands before this. We racked up over a thousand likes on facebook in like 3 days, I know many don't believe facebook likes amount to much but i'd like to think it means people are noticing and that it takes some effort to click a button on a page.
The song is written about the basilisk in Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets. We recorded the whole record at once. We finished the sessions pretty quick but the mixing process took a long time as there were some complications and we had to get a different engineer in the midst of it. 

Is Marijannah going to be a serious band or just to fulfill your need to play different kind of music beside of your main band?
We are a serious band, some of us are not very serious people but we are determined to write the best music we can and present it in a way that represents us best. I think we all put in the same amount of effort in all the bands we're in.

Any future plan for the band that us the audience need to know, maybe tour or split release etc?
We've been offered some international tours for 2018 but nothing is confirmed and we're in no rush, just considering what comes along.

Do you think the digital platform can help to promote the band ie bandcamp, youtube etc?
Definitely. Especially since we haven't played any shows, digital platforms are literally the only way people would have heard of us. Some bands can thrive without social media promotion like crust bands or grind bands because the listeners have a more hands-on attitude to finding new music but I can imagine many bands require it, not every style of music can easily kickstart with pure word-of-mouth and diy touring. 

Do you think the word “stoner” is kinda mainstream now? Ok all the best to Marijannah from us at Rice Factory Zine.
I don't know. I don't know if a word can be mainstream but if it means more people open to our style of music, i'm all up for it. Thanks for having us, it's been a pleasure.
Regards, Nick

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