Thursday, November 6, 2008


Brutal Truth and Total Fucking Destruction need no introduction. Their sheer of brutality delivered thru dose of grinding madness makes emo dude pissed in their skinny jeans. Read my short interview with the guy behind Brutal Truth and Total Fucking Destruction, Rich Hoak. (6/Nov/2008)

1- So what's up dude?
Nihilism, nothingness, emptiness and nonsense is the agenda of Total Fucking Destruction. Our songs are true stories of life in the globaltechno/military/entertainment complex and represent the future/presentof human civilization. Our music is a message of energy and strength.Total Fucking Destruction is a living celebration of the slow motion apocalypse!

2-Smoke already?
Of course: "Sonoma coma"

3-After 10 years of not producing any new material, plus few news andgossip of Brutal Truth's demise, the new track on 'This Comp Kill Fascist' seem to be as a'sign' of Brutal Truth existence. Why it took 10 years?
Time, 10 years, is not important. What is important is that you and your readers understand that time is running out, the future is now and we are all participating in the slow motion apocalypse that is the end of history.

3-How's the deal with Watchmen studios? Please let us know the people behind the production of Brutal Truth 'Evolution Thru Revolution' (ie sound engineer, cover designer etc)? Give us the details about the album...
Brutal Truth has just now finished recording 24 new songs. Within the next few weeks we get them mixed and announce a label for an early 2009 release to be followed by tons of shows!! I am totally fucking psyched, I think this is going to be the best sounding and most intense bt album ever. The next Brutal Truth album will combine the raw punk brutality of Extreme Conditions with the psychedelic grind of sounds of the Animal Kingdom and the high tech production of Need To Control. It will be awesome! We have made the recording with Dougwhite at Watchmen studios; at the moment it is being mixed by Jasonfuller (Bloodduster) down in Australia.

4-Do you give a fuck when Guiness Book of Records awarded Brutal Truthf or 'Shortest Music Video'? How do you see that kind of compliment?
It's bullshit. The friends and family that we have partied with while touring the world, the bands who have put on shows for us, the people who have fed us and let us sleep on their floors, the freaks who gave us beer and weed: that's the essence of grind.

5-Dude, say something for Brutal Truth freak here in malaysia...
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