Saturday, April 18, 2009


Agathocles needs no introduction. From the late of 80’s till now, AG still delivering punch right on face with blistering mince core madness.
Jan, the backbone of AG is a great pal of me. We have been writing to each other for more than 10 years. Taking that, I am very proud to appear AG in this very page. Mince core for passion, not for fashion!
Received: April 5, 2009.

Amir: Hello Jan, how are you pal? It has been a very long time since I've received your mail in April 08, so tell me about the situation at Belgium, especially your local community (politic, socio, economy etc)…
Jan: Cheers Amir. All going quite OK over here. Well, about the situation in Belgium, this worldwide crisis is putting down a lot of people, mostly the ones who have little or nothing. The rich are being saved like always and some of them are getting even richer by this crisis. The amount of money stays the same as before the crisis, but where has all money gone after the crisis? This globalization of capitalism is different compared to the 30’s crisis, which is making the effect of it bigger. Also the legal souverinity of capitalists is making this crisis a bigger monster then before. For sure everyone can feel the effect : rent is getting too high, food getting more expensive, big companies are cutting down jobs just to make more profit, small countries go bankrupt,…Besides this, we also have this political crisis in Belgium, Flandres versus Wallony. But this situation in Belgium does not deserve any media interest, I think. The “problem” in Belgium is made by politicians from both sides of Belgium who are only there to make a profit for themselves with this so-called political crisis. Belgium is already such a little country and these fuckheads wanna split up Belgium in smaller parts. That’s totally ridiculous and only the capitalist will benefit from this. Like I said, these kinds of nationalism, which are easily swallowed by the ignorant mass, are just here to make the rich more richer and the poor more broke.

Amir: I am very sad to hear that Tony decided to take his own life. It might be a big lost to AG, I must say. Any memorable moment between Tony and you that you want to share with us?
Jan: Tony made his own choice. People respect that or not, that does not matter. He chose the way he wanted to go, like he always did in his life. I am really happy that Tony did have the chance to make this big AG tour in South America, where we played in Peru, Chile, Brazil and Argentina and also that he has recorded our latest full studio album “GRIND IS PROTEST”.

Amir: How’s the last year tour with 7MON going? And what about your mini tour at Sardinia, the Italian Island?
Jan: The mini tour with 7MON and WORLD DOWNFALL in Germany was excellent. Lots of fun and meeting some nice people. Also now, the AG/7MON split 7”EP is released. Hm, Sardinia was quite nice too, except that we had problems with the airplane. So we could not go on the plane and had to spend more days in Italy. A big thanx to Giancarlo of KAZAMATE and his family for letting us stay at his house. A nice thing was that during our extra days in Italy, Tony, Nils and me recorded some vocal lines for new KAZAMATE recordings they were doing at that time.

Amir: I've learnt that you have a steady rehearsal/recoding room now. As a band that play and record a lot, how do you see the important of having personal reh/rec room?
Jan: No, that project did not happen. Now we have to rent a rehearsal room too. But at home, I still can do some mixing and mastering of AG recordings.

Amir: War is a cliché subject in our D.I.Y scene….every band shouting about it…How do you see the war between Palestine and Israel? What about America as ‘world police’?
Jan: Most jews live in USA, so it’s a logical result when USA backs up Israel in their imperialism. It’s really frustrating to see how this war is being tolerated by governments all over the world. Yes, war is cliché and people keep dying.

Amir: That’s all Jan, any last word?
Jan: Cheers Amir, thanx a lot for doing this interview and for giving AG space in your zine! Best of luck with the zine. Anyway, some last words, well, it really is time to choose sides. Too many people and politicians just keep in the middle to try to please everyone, but in this way, nothing will change for people who really need more welfare, for people who do not have a voice, for people who are seen as “inferior” by the ruling class. It is time to divide welfare between all people, and not between those who already have enough or who think all belongs to them because of their skin of colour, their ethnic background, their rich families,…And this cause deserves a constant fight, a fight for alternatives which have already proven that they are working as a good alternative. MINCE ON !

Write them letter and buy their records: JAN FREDERICKX, MEIDOORNSTRAAT 8, 2440 GEEL, BELGIUM.