Monday, April 20, 2009


Grim Kirby/Colico/ Harsh Supplement split 3 way cd
This release is like a storm. they come, they destroy and they leave ashes on the ground. Ultra insane noise release. started up by Grim Kirby, a noise core blast that deafening your swamping ears. While later Colico take over with their brand harsh noise killer. Harsh Supplement after that proved that noise core is still alive with their mayhem tracks. Both Grim Kirby and Colico deliver one track except HxS with two tracks. There are one last track of silence which I think not supposed to be there since it is cliche for a noise release to have that kind of silence. Overall, this pro CDr release is a must for the noise hunger out there.
Contact Mierda En La Cabeza Records, C/O Mario Cello Paz, Po Box 7532, Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Sonic Disorder/Sist EN 343 split 7"
Sonic violent!!! That is the correct word to describe this piece of wax. Sonic Disorder abused the turntable with 3 painful tracks including one intro. Seems that all of the tracks here are previously released from their tape collections. While Sist En 343 droning a track of evil haunted psychopath looking for a naive girl to be sacrificed. This 7" comes with color paper cover and both band's artwork in the excerpt. Next time they should do a split LP rather than this little 7". I want more!!! Since there are no list of label released this 7", you can contact MatJazz Galicik, Dragocajna 7A, SI-1216 SMLEDNIK, Slovenia.

2 Minuta Dreka - Rectal Mafia CD
This is my first time listening to this band. 2MD delivered very heavy laden guitar riff supported with brutal guttural vocal. I really like their piccolo sounding snare but when it comes to growling part it seem that the sound a little bit muddy to my ears. I don't know either it was intentionally recorded like that or it is the miking problem during the recording session. And yeah, since they are gore band, most of their song have these soundtrack of woman confession, torture and severe pain. 26 tracks overall including 3 well recorded live tracks for perverted porno grind out there. This actually a re-release from 2005 tape to this new CD format in 2009. Not really my cup of tea if you ask, but then, give this label a support for another CD and shirt they have. Noise Abuse Production :