Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Akta Angkasa is an experimental art rock/noise band based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Equipped formed in early 2005, the band massively emphasize on odd-signature timing chords, instrumental musical composition more than words sung, cinematic live performance, sonic desultory guitar/synth work, dynamical drum pattern & impulsive destructible bass line; Akta Angkasa recognised intensively using absolute vintage instruments & equipments as their milestone soundmark tools. Their music identifiable connected with math rock, noise shoegaze, art-formationist and extracting Nusantara traditional musical pieces.

Consisting of Zul (guitars/synth), Mamel (drums), Fie (synths) & Ned (bass); their active live circuitry throughout the years have been a priceless momentory lapse of such great experiences & sharing moments. They short toured Malaysia-Singapore with Australian band, Spartak in 2007, playing various of music festivals & numerous shared stages with overseas act; Yoshida Tatsuya, Robin Fox, mr. Strile Assembly, Off Minor, Chochukmo, Eucalypt, Stoned Revival, LITE, Lymbyc Systym and the list goes. Two of the members were featured as artist-in-residence in experimental-improvised musical performance by Kamal Sabran, special programme by National Space Agency Malaysia at Planetarium Negara in 2006.

They released their debut single in 2007 (on shaped/square CDs), following an EP named Mukadimah! the next month. A Nusantara-twist swansong entitled Chatetan Konkerit was released in August 2008 (merely available online), becoming one of their original signmark they've ever recorded. Finally for the first time in real-CD format, Kognitif EP was launched in March 2010; but this time they really push beyond dimension on how music shall be composed. Visit the band in action at www.senipekik.com.

Believing in art is believing in soul.