Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hows the USA tour going? Any good or bad moment that you want to share?
Hi there, so USA tour was an interesting experience. We had a chance to compare how it is in Europe shows and how it is at oversea. There were really great moments like our show on Maryland Death Fest in Baltimore or New York show. To see all these metal heads there was really amazing. On the other hand of course that there were let say "interesting" experiences like during one show, where was misunderstanding between promoter and club management about date. So finally there was no promotion and we played there just for supporting bands, promoter and her friends and barman. Anyway we met lot of very nice and helpful people like guys from Copremesis, who were our guides and we spent lot of nice time there or Justin from Mucopus, who helped us very much with some arrangement of this tour. There was one suprising thing, that we met lot of bands with two guitars, but no bass. I wonder what nobody there wants to play bass? :))

Seem that most of your releases are housing at Bizarre Leprous Production? Tell us the first time you hooked up with that marvelous record label? How long have you been friended with Roman Polacek?
Hehe, it is long long story. In 2001 we recorded first official material and we were looking for some label.
Lets say that nobody from contemporary "big and known" Czech underground labels wanted to release us. Then we received offer of Roman to make split with Cativeiro, so we used our material there. Short time after its release we met with Roman personally and became to be friends. Then we release our first full cd The Return and our cooperation became to be closer.From time to time Roman goes with us on our gigs and he was also the organizer of our USA tour we enjoyed it together.

After Planet Of The Pig, is there any follow up record for this release? Or maybe any tour planned?
Actually before recording of Planet of the pigs we were thinking about Pigsty´s end for a while to focus on our side projects. Lets say that we rethinking it:))) We don´t have any plans about our new release and as a matter of fact we don´t have any new song now. But we have a plan for tour to South America next year..Brazil, Argentina, ... So it will be great party again.

Did your vocalist eat whistle or what? His voice are fucking killer…
Topi is really crazy guy, but that thing with his voice is his secret. He always says that it is nothing so special for preparation and usage of it.

Any new good band coming out Czech that you wanna recommend? Any last word?
Ohhh... there are plenty of very good bands in our republic:))) From grindcore you have to check Ingrowing, Disfigured Corpse, But, Nihil and many more. And last word... All work and no fun makes you a dull boy:)