Thursday, February 17, 2011


This is a debut issue of Hermyth Zine that comes with cut n paste style. Dedicated whole heartedly to metal music, the editor had put a lot of effort into it. First we go to the lay out department which is not an eyes catching to my opinion. Even the editor try to adapt the old skool style of cut n paste, but the neatness of the layout design must be taken into consideration. This is a metal zine, everything must look professional :-).

The contents overall should be okay for a maiden issue. I have read worse content than this for the first issue but Hermyth is kinda ok-ok at this stage. The language use is a simple Malay and to the point. There are nine interviews among other with Ajal, Qharinth and few others. Other content includes the usual zine stuff like review, news, bio etc.

The price is RM10 for normal post and RM12 for registered post. I personally think RM10 for 48 pages photocopied A4 size zine is kinda expensive, but what the heck, just send this guy a letter and give him a support.

Contact: Azman Aziz, Lot 941, Jln Setulang Daeng, Pulau Gadong, &5200 Melaka, Malaysia.