Monday, February 7, 2011


RF:How was Shanghai right now? As writing this, how much the last count of your releases?
TN:Shanghai is very cold,i reallt hate! It's 210 released!!

RF: You have an extensive number of playing show, do you believe in all ages show or should minor not be allowed to enter the room?
TN: Yes, every month 1-2 shows! Sure all age allowed to enter!!

RF: Tape versus Compact Disc, which one will win? Why?
TN: I like tape, cos tape sound more great than cd, if you listen no via cheap machine!

RF: Do you improvise all the tracks (especially during live show) or all of them are written and played as planned? Besides of Torturing Nurse, what other underground activities you are involved with?
TN: If play live show, I do improvisation, studio recording some tracks is plan. Not lots of real noise acts here, so we play always with some free improvisation os avant bands.

RF: Tell me what is your daily routine if you’re not playing with Torturing Nurse? Any plan to tour Malaysia? Thanks.
TN: I wake uo on 7:30 am, then eating breakfast, 8:30 arrival office to work for living, after daytime work I back home finished eating then watch some movie or make noise, I really like skateboad, if not raining or very cold outside, I am also play it. I really want to play everywhere inclube Malasiya, but I have not lots of holiday or money, if have some change I want to come there!