Thursday, April 7, 2011


We had reviewed their old album here. Now we have their interview. Support this Czech's grind brutality....

RF: Who’s actually the back bone of Mincing Fury And Guttural Clamor of Queer Decay? Is that Topi? Since I think both MFAGCOQD and Pigsty have similarity in term of musical direction especially the vocal line…? Please explain….
MF: Hi, thanx for interest in MF band! To be honest, Topi had never been the basic stone of the band. He left band after European tour in 2004 as he decided to focus only on singing in PIGSTY. The "main brain" of the band was always guitarist Mara who is actually not at the band now as he left due to personal differences in band in 2007. From that year he plays with (another ex-member of MF) bass player Fik and with me on drums in the band called SPINELESS FUCKERS. But let’s back to MF band. After Mara and Fik left MF, I stayed as the last almost original member in band. Year after that, guitarist and drummer from "7" left the band too so I stayed alone in the band, only with new bass player and new second singer. Fortunately we have found new guitarist Motorak and new drummer Zahradnik shortly afterward therefore we were going on with our blasting demented style. There are not so more similarities between MF and PIGSTY so far. Anyway “pigs” vocals rest after Topi left years ago, now it is partly my work and partly work of the second singer Milcunt.

RF: It seem that you guys have a lot of lineup changes…does it affect musically?
MF: As already mentioned above, this is unfortunately true that so many personal changes affect the band so much. I hope that today’s line-up will stay for many years as we feel very strong now on both musical and personal aspects. Music was also affected due to mentioned reasons, you can hear our progress and different style/sound/parts/methods on every our particular material. Hope that our old fans will still like our brand new shit – CD “Devolution”.

RF: How the works with United Guttural Records if compare to Bizarre Leprous Production? I mean, in term of professionalism…are both record labels treating the band in fair way?
MF: Hard to say. I know Roman from BLP personally for many years and he is good friend of us. He did so much for MF, esp. in the past and in the very beginning - in times of our debut CD "Lamentations". As I know, Alex is quite new guy in United Guttural, but we appreciate his support worldwide as well. He is doing his best to promote our new CD around. I met this guy years ago on two festivals here in Czech Republic, he is cool guy and good drunker.

RF: How’s the grind core scene in Czech? Any good or weird band to recommend? What about political situation there?
MF: Grind scene in Czech Republic is really huge and is still growing up – and I think it is also well-known around. I can recommend bands like PIGSTY, INGROWING, SPASM, JIG-AI, GRIDE, SPINELESS FUCKERS, TWISTED TRUTH, PERFECITIZEN, PSYCHOTIC DESPAIR, CUTTING EMBRYO, ANAALIA and many more. We have also many great brutal death or death/grind bands over here. Check out also Slovakian scene, this one is also very strong! Political situation is as anywhere else – it sucks so far, corruption is all over here, but overall we are happy we can live at freedom, play brutal music, visit gigs, drink tons of beers and make a parties with friends 

RF: MFAGCOQD had played in few big festivals like Obscene Fest, let us know any memorable show in any of those festival you played, and why?
MF: We already played 3 times on Obscene Extreme Fest and every gig there was amazing! It is the best grinding fest in Europe for sure! Btw. we will play there this year as well, after long 5 years! We can’t wait for it. Other great shows were performed on our own festival ANTITREND open air fest when we play every year. I remember great gigs also in Germany, France, Swiss, Austria and many around here in Czech Republic – so many to name all these crazy places!

RF: Any tour planned to support Devolution album? Maybe South East Asia tour? Your last word….thanks
MF: No big tour plans for this year. We would like to concentrate on composing of the new material and spreading our crazy show around the Czech Republic and eventually in some close countries too. Besides, as already mentioned, we are looking forward to Obscene Extreme Fest and Antitrend fest indeed! South East Asia would be a like a dream for us, but nowadays it is not possible (money, works, schools, e.t.c.), but who know in the future…maybe it will come true. Many thanks for cool intie and for supporting our band! Any queries, questions, gig opportunities or asking for merchandise will be dealt on my e-mail address on: . You can check some new songs on our myspace pages too. Cheeeers!