Monday, July 25, 2011


After years of hiatus, American gore metal commando, Exhumed, comes with another new album of original composition. With only Matt Harvey as the remaining original member, All Guts No Glory still is repeating the formula of mixing death metal with thrash and old school grindcore. This album is very thigh, strong and energetic with most of the tracks are carefully composed with no filler at all! Nevertheless, it still displayed the extreme brutality from the start until the next thirty five minutes bloodbath of this album. The first track was an outraging instrumental titled after the album name will give you an adrenaline rush to yearn for another track to another and it leaves you no room to breathe until the final track So Let It Be Rotten...So Let It Be Done!! Not so heavy guitar lines with sometime yelling in the middle of death metal drumming are carefully matched with growl and screaming vocal pattern. I’ll put All Guts No Glory under my death metal catalogue.

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