Friday, July 8, 2011


This was sent by their guitarist Dustin Stark, with no information about the band and the demo itself. I have to Google and later found their myspace page. These Californian band had just formed in this year consist of ex-member from Killing God King and Hellusinit. Since they had just formed and released the demo, this four track demo can’t do justice to them. I personally believe that they can do better from this demo. The playing is kinda tight but you can detect along the way few miscount beat and non-sync double paddle beat. Musically they play some death with black metal influence. But they do have the melodic touch injected here and there. The recording is raw and unpolished to give it more evilness sound. But in this demo, there are no vocal at all. This led me to confusion since I read their bio mentioning they have a vocalist. The only complaint that I have is just regarding the song; it’s kinda monotonous. If they can vary the sound, it might be a killer!


Dean Rice said...

Hello Rice Factory, I am the drummer of GoreSkinCoffin, just found this review! That demo was deleted and was never finished! We restarted recording with another producer! The album is almost finished! If u can relisten to the two songs that are from the cd. The drum take Gore in the Grove is one of the songs , and the only real song we have for preview is on all our websites, Maybe you can write a new review, Hit me back, Thanks for a pretty cool review! Dean Rice of GSC