Monday, July 11, 2011


RF: How’s the Dirge Across Malaysia 2011 going? I heard it was an overwhelming atmosphere at every venue Wormrot played. And I read somewhere that Penang’s’ show was cancelled, is that true?

WR: Hey man! Fit here, the drummer. Hot as hell. That is what I remembered. Haha. It’s been an awesome tour, and the most memorable one. Meeting people for real, other than Facebook. :) Unfortunately, Penang was cancelled due to the fact that the Kedah show is 30 minutes away from Penang. So they let the Kedah promoters handle the show instead.

RF: Is there any unknown band (that shared stage with Wormrot) that caught your attention during your tour? Please let us know.

WR: There is one particular band, in Kedah, I can’t remember the name (sorry guys), covered Insect Warfare song. They are badass!

RF: Wormrot also participated in Silence Suck compilation released by Italian’s Grind Ambush Records, had you ever received your free copies of the compilation? I heard many bands didn’t get their royalties (copies) from the label.

WR: I have no idea if we receive it or not, but its all good. At least our music is spreading though.

RF: I’m myself never had any experience in touring. Can you guys tell me how the actual scenario during tour? How the selling of merchandise can financially help during tour? How much usually you paid for tour manager?

WR: Tour can be alot of fun if you do it right but mostly our routine is EAT, PERFORM,SLEEP,REPEAT. Our thanks to Azean (Band/Tour/Merch/Babysit) Manager for keeping us alive during our tours. Merchandise financially can be tight, but we made it through though. In US, usually we pay US$150 - 165 to the tour manager, with rental of the van. We also need to rent the equipments which is bloody expensive so all these are extra money out each day. We survived on US10 per person for food. Azean handles the finance so she will give us our Per Diem each morning to last for 24 hours.

RF: Since Wormrot now in big label Earache, so what is the different working with establish label compare to small diy label? How much did you earn as royalties? How Earache did help you in musical progression?

WR: It’s not much of a major change, but definitely better. Before we were signed to Earache, the last Europe tour was such a disaster, with no proper booking, no proper payments. Earache definitely have helped us a lot in terms of exposure, spreading our music. My million thanks to them!

RF: Do you think alien really exist? Thank for your time, anything to add? And all the best to Wormrot…

WR: Aliens do exist! Look it up in the Internet. LOL. I would like to say that this is my first time doing an interview! LOL!!! Thank you!!!!

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