Friday, August 26, 2011


Maniacal Miscreation first was released by the band themselves in 2010 but later Earache signed them and gets this CD re-release in 2011. I didn’t have too much info on Cerebral Bore since this is my first time listening to them, but from my first spinning, I do believe these guys are killer! Cerebral Bore really impresses me with their maturity in both the playing and sound recording. Even this is their first album, but they sounded like they have dozen albums under their belt. Very brutal drum pummeling, tight and sometime technical guitar line with bouncing bass will make you go insane doing head banging. The vocal range of Som Plujimers is very good and she sound even better than some other male death metal bandwagons. But I do think the vocal was mixed louder than the music, not sure this is intentionally or unintentionally. Cerebral Bore has the excellent future and hopefully by signing with Earache, they will march further in their musical career.

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