Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Bob Agigi sent me their latest promo track for a split release. Six tracks overall with the normal Damokis sound pattern. If you used to listen to Damokis, you will know the Damokis brand of grindcore. Dry buzzing guitar roaring wild but I must say that the riff is less meaty and if you like what Dan done in Total Fucking Destruction’s Hater, this is kinda similar sound that Damokis have. The drum department handled by Fauzi as usual is tight and structured particularly on the double paddle. The growl is like a cave man announcing for war. The recording is well balance but yet still maintaining the rawness. Nearly most of the tracks’ introduction filled up with film sound clip. Like they did in Seiring Dan Sejalan split, this time they also have a cover tunes. It is Halloween (not the band) song, the Bobby’s cover version of The Monster Mash (I think it would be better if they do the Misfit version). Another fine recording from Damokis, Hell Yeah!

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