Monday, August 8, 2011


My first time listening to Hyponic, a Chinese death metal band and since China is well-known for making a replica/fake version of everything, I’m hoping that Hyponic is not just another clone. Finger crossed. Ok, let get back to this LP, actually this is not a new recording, all the tracks were recorded and released in 2001. After a decade, it later been reissue on LP format by Psychedelic Lotus Order, a Beijing based vinyl label. Black Sun offer you the slow to mid tempo doom metal as their core. To say that Hyponic a hundred percent doom metal might be misleading as they also have some fast song. The recording is not really punching the listener but the vocal growl is like a thunder in storm. Six tracks over 30 minutes long are just okay if you wanna check what was happening in the Chinese metal scene. Not really painful as Corrupted, but merely near to Indesinence.

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