Monday, August 1, 2011


1- Hello Fathul, hows life? Whats makes/inspired you guys to re-unite again (and to my surprise, this time with original line up)?
Life is good, Praise all be to the giver or life Himself...Re uniting is as easy as getting together to hang around and have tea as old friends do. Playing again then came naturally to us for that is what we do best when together, sharing good vibes and transmitting them together as friends with music. Friendships inspire bands in the good old days, we are just continuing the tradition.

2- Hows the show in Kapura Cave recently? Got any good support from the crowd? Personally what do you think of Wormrot?
Personally the Kepura caves experience is one of the coolest thing in my life, way cool. Its like a dream both from me reading to much of Batman comics and my childhood dream to become Indiana Jones he he. Life is Great for Allah is Greater...I can't really describe the feeling. Friends who came and of course bias towards the band he he and people who appreciate our works was at their best right in front of the stage supporting us with their smiles and presence...I and the band thanks em all for their supports.
Wormrot was full of energy for they are young and their sincerity, passion and hard work shows even from outside of the cave (venue) and when I went inside they make me feel old and that is a very good sign ha ha ha.

3- After more than a decade in the scene, is there any progression (musically, attitude-wise, professionalism etc) that you can noticed from the new band that spurting in our local scene now compare to your old days?
Technology without heart and soul is a tool for numb hands...I haven’t got the chance to really observed the progress of the scene because I am busy pursuing my dreams as a visual artist but of course they are progress, look at me...old and fat. Music will leave us slowly and eventually so use it well with the best intention. Music is meant to be played and not vise versa melayu cakap sebaliknya...I have proof of its effect on the soul, use it as to find rest even in heavy grinding essence.

4- In this digital era, how effective do you think the social media is in helping to spread the word especially for an unsigned band?
If you can commit 8 hour to it then there is a potential for’s a job, it is another job if you want to make a living out of you music

5- What is Maggot’s new direction after the reunion? Is this going to be the same with 1993’s Deep Within Our Grief…or it will be something more unexpected experimental?
We can’t answer that now, we will update you on that later, what is life without its mystery?

6- Ok Fathul, what is Maggot’s planning after this reunion? Is there any new materials will be recorded? Please let us know a little bit…Thank you very much…All the best.
We can’t answer that now, we will update you on that later, what is life without its mystery? See what you do when you have technology in your hands…There is a choice to copy and paste, ha ha ha and my jokes don't get any better. Thanks Amir.

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Ahmad Nizamuddin Abdullah said...

power brader fathul, more art!!