Monday, August 15, 2011


Grinding Black Zero is super ace and intense! Combination of grindcore with some dose of death metal makes Necromorph really outstanding. Comes with super clear recording, Grinding Black Zero is filled with machine gun riffing and haunted growling metal vocal. They also throw some nice guitar solo in Necroville and have this really bloody nice riot hymn in Forthcoming Emancipation that makes you wanna head banging. You will be loving the extremity of this album from the start until the end, if you are not, then don’t call yourself a grindcore freak. I believe that Necromorph can have a seat near to Brutal Truth, Rotten Sound and Nasum in grindcore championship.14 tracks of this debut album clocking nearly to 30 minutes running time of brutality and it is not enough, you might be salivating for more.

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