Friday, August 19, 2011


I will always hook with any Sabbat’s releases, so does this latest offering from them. After years of their last album Karmagmassacre, Sabbatrinity presenting the same traditional total fucking intense old school thrash black metal. Nothing to complain, it is just perfect, honest and energetic. Even with the departure of guitarist Temis Osmond, nothing can cripple these Japanese Samurai to uphold their metal attack. The newly installed Damiazell excellently took responsibility to continue the Sabbat’s thrashy metal saga. The guitar riff and bass line are not that technically complicated but it was combined perfectly with dark “head-banging” drum beat and the usual spitting Sabbat’s vocal type. The recording is raw and at the same time maintaining the evilness on every track they have here. You cannot find any Venom or Sodom clones in Sabbat, they are just simply original and you have to accept that fact!! Put your leather jacket and ready to head bang!!

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