Friday, September 30, 2011


This is my first time listening to this local breed of black thrash metal group, to my surprise, with three spinning I just kind of like this band. Nuclear Metal Lust served you with four original compositions plus a Bathory’s cover version of Die In Fire. The recording of this EP is raw, the double paddle is out meter but sometime you can notice miscounted beat, the guitar is rusty as well while the bass have low layer recording with less charismatic playing. Personally, it thinks it would be better if the vocalist give it all out in spitting hatred and rage! The chorus shouts on the first track, Street Metal Fucker is reminding me to Sabbat’s Black Metal Sycthe. No technical bulshit, just straight in-your-face vulgarizing sex, liquor and metal. Give them time and this band will rise (hopefully they are not disbanded half way)!

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