Wednesday, September 28, 2011


After Brutal Truth 2009’s Evolution Through Revolution, here come the follow up album, End Time. Being the veteran in the grindcore scene, I’m expecting the band to deliver a further level of grindcore from this album. But, I was disappointed! End Time is just merely “another” grindcore album. I admit this album brings back our memory to the old Extreme Condition’s era, but as I mentioned earlier, I’m expecting more from Brutal Truth. Even Hoak’s drumming is recognizable with super fast blastbeat, the guitar and bass still roar wild and Kevin’s vocal is just pure frenzied madness, all of these still didn’t make this album a prominent release. I’m not saying this is a weak album, no, not at all. You still can find the good track such Simple Math, Fuck Cancer and Killing Planet Earth, but for a Brutal Truth’s fan like me, to label End Time as a perfect album is just not right, that is it. Among the fast hits, you can still hear some experimental track and heavy slow pace track such Malice .58 Caliber or Warm Embrace Of Poverty. Again, End Time is just an average grindcore album, even, if they maintain all those fast track only.

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