Monday, September 12, 2011


My first time listening to this UK based band, so I’m not hoping too much. I’m thinking that they might sound the same like another death metal bandwagon out there, but actually I’m totally wrong. Devoted To Death is an outstanding old-school death metal record. They kicked start the album with some Death-kind-of influence and make sure the listener suffer the death metal extremity until the end of this records. And yes, they do have some technical part in their songs plus the constructions are just heavy and structurally good. The riff is meaty while the vocalist growls like thunder!! Drum department is less tight and the snare sound surpass by open hi-hat, but nothing major. If I have to choose, personally, I love Sins Of Sodom, Kill Or Be Killed and Bloodlust. Whatever it is, another good head-banging-friendly record!

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