Monday, September 26, 2011


Gride give an eerie and windy introduction before double paddle drum blasting the stereo with raging hardcore grind destruction through Hvesda, Monstra, Jasna Noc. The madness not just stopped right there, it continuously bombarded your ear with high decibel of grind. Zaskuby Chasu is very chaotic but mind you, they are not your typical straight grind album, but not really technical either, they just nice perfect combination of Dellinger Escape Plan and Brutal Truth, if I can compare. Mostly they sang in their mother tongue in which I don’t understand any, fuck that, just give this band your support. 28 minutes of violent fast speed grind hardcore, that you cannot resist. Oh ya, the nice cover artwork done by artist Petr Mareèek added value to this album as well.

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