Monday, September 19, 2011


Hello Amirul, besides of the newly re-released the old demo into 7”, any other activities that you want to share? New album/recording perhaps?

Hey Mack. For now we are awaiting our full length that will be press on vinyl. It is done by few european label combined. Also a split 5" with Black Hole of Calcutta & split 7" with Punished Earth in the works.. We are also planning to do another full length as we speak.

Magnicide had played Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Malaysia and of course Singapore, are there any differences in crowd’s attitude among these countries? I mean maybe in Philippines the crowd enjoy the show by just sitting or maybe in Japan the crowd get drunk to enjoy the show or is it just the same everywhere?

From what we encounter, its almost the same with every place. Our live shows usually got great response. Its always good to get drunk during gigs haha..anyway for Japan crowd it was tense in the starting period but when we get them to warm up then its hell break loose..

Usually who pay for the tour? Did you guys have to dig from your own pocket or the organizer?

As for any tour in Magnicide its usually our own pocket money man.. Its the way we have done since long time.. I mean if we waited for any sponsors then we wont play any shows.. Thats the reality..Organisers usually pay us later if theres some profit after the show..We are not a demanding band but sometimes organisers tend to take for granted that since we are diy we will take any offer...Even if we have to fork out our own money...Lets be realistic..

Any good bands that you've discovered during tour?

There's actually loads of good band in asian. In japan of course most bands are outstanding. Tools of Trade from Malaysia. Lowfat from thailand.. Killer!!

Magnicide had been compared a lot to 324 (which is for me true in some sense but I must say that Magnicide have its own originality as well), do you take this as compliment or it is bother you?

Yeah we have often been compared to godly 324.. For us its a compliment but i feel we are somewhat different musically. 324 is one of our influence bands we adore..But we hope listeners will make out what we are truly delivering...

That‘s all Amirul, all the best with Magnicide. Any last word?

Cheers Mack for this interview..Take care & Grind on!!