Friday, September 23, 2011


Five new tracks from this Singaporean trio Wormrot had just been released by Toyota’s subsidiary company, Scion (personally I love some Scion tc TRD race car), under their youth target-market project Scion A/V. What can I say, Noise EP is really a killer grindcore release. If you like and used to Wormrot kind of sound (refer to Dirge), you might not have the problem to digest Noise because it comes from the same recording deck, raw but meaty. Fitri’s drumming is getting more intense and brutal yet grooms the shape of most of the tracks in this EP. While Rashid’s guitar is kinda experimenting but not that too technical and the vocal is delivering in-yer-face mayhemic curse! One thing I noticed, Noise is getting fast, faster than Dirge and Abuse. No reasons to hate this release, you better get it now!!!!!

Available on CD, 10” wax and digital download from