Friday, October 28, 2011


This is a 4-way split featuring Necrokillgraveterror (Russia), Damokis (Malaysia), Shitfuckingshit (Italy) and Proctophobia (Canada). NKGT start the split with their brand of mid tempo grind-gore influence. Well balance recording with bouncing snare drum and tech guitar skills were thrown here and there. Damokis on the other hand blasting real dry grind sounding. I really like the buzzing guitar sound, even it was noisy it still create shape of the track. The drum as usual, really tight and structured. After Damokis, Shitfuckingshit took over the stereo. Very chaotic grind with a little touch of crust, the band will make you head bang to the wall for sure. Proctophobic is a drum programming band which I think can make better sound/speed using programmable drum. They are just mid tempo horror crustpunk with some touch of grind. Since this is just for free downloading, I think this release is worth the two minutes waiting for download.

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