Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Abzu is the newest offering from this formerly known with Death Metal but gradually changed to Black Thrash Metal, Absu. The impact of good song’s structure in which was creatively suit with the entire verse and sometime melodic chorus strengthen this album. While mid speed tempo of blackish thrash will brings you to the state of orgasm. Not enough with that, the evil chanting makes the pathological gore addict pissing in their pant! Killer track for me are Earth Ripper and Ontologically, It Became Time & Space while the last track, A Song For Ea, is a 14 minutes full of evilness! To be honest, I’m really enjoying this album as I did when listening to Tara, but to my vote, Abzu is a winner. A fan of Absu or not, this album should be in your collection. Beheaded!

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