Friday, October 21, 2011


RF: Hello Bob, how’s life? Any update on Damokis activities? Maybe upcoming release or tour perhaps?
D: Hey brother..Life is great and much hassle that I need to catch up with these few months. DAMOKIS is in the studio again for the new recording in the split with GORESLUT that schedule to be out later in February 2012.Tours and gigging are on the plan in 2012 calendar so watch out for it then.

RF: I really like the idea of putting non-grind cover version in some of your releases, how do you see the important of putting cover song in Damokis release and let us know what is the Damokis standard of criteria for cover’s selection?
D: We don't put much standard criteria in covering songs, we played, we listen what we like and we feel it cool to have that shit covered by us in our own way. It depends on how the situation goes whether the acceptance is more honorable or just by a click and play.

RF: I’ve learnt that Damokis are supposed to have a split 7” vinyl release last year, but, to my knowledge, it never come out yet, right? Care to explain?
D: The 7" was supposed to be out by last year but we have few major problems in the pressing plant done by our friend, so we have to wait a little longer to have this shit out hopefully by next year. We feel sorry for those who wait for this split to be out, it will be out I can promise that just that we needa' little time on that.

RF: How’s the experience playing in Indonesia and Bangkok? Do you bring along Damokis merchandise for sale on tour and how’s the sale?
D: The experience was awesome and throughout the overwhelming responses, we managed to get our stuff and merchandise sold out completely before the show and we feel sorry to those who can't get that on the show. You can email us and write to us for all merchandises and stuffs that we produce. Bangkok and Indonesia is two different countries with two different cultures, both places have good supporters and they believe the grindcore scene is never dead and this makes us feel great playing there and meeting peoples from different cultures. Saludos!

RF: As we can see, we have lotsa bands in our scene, but to find the bands that have endurance and identity are very hard to be found. Being one of the long standing band in our scene, do Damokis have any recipe or formula to not just being ‘no you see, now you don’t’ type of band? Any local band that you want to recommend to the reader?
D: Well it really hard to say bout this but what can i suggest is bands must have the commitment and ability to pursue the band in a proper way. Throw out the egoness in you. Be friendly and join the scene to make more music and friends cause friendship makes u real and grown up. Local bands that worth to check out are like Second Combat, Carberatur Dung,V etc..These bands are talented and have that endurance to be as a band. Try check it out.

RF: That’s it, any last word? All the best to Damokis and thanks.
D: We like to thanks to you brother for this nice interview and for giving us spaces which we think it helps us a lot in growing up. Never stop doing it and we wish all the best to you and the webzine..For any correspondence, do email me at saludos!