Monday, October 10, 2011


It has been a long time I never listen any material from Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition. With the coming of Sheep’n Guns, hope I can refresh my memories on their split with Brazilian ROT. This album contains 14 songs with running time of 40 minutes and it comes out from hard work of three years. To add what the band said, “the results exceed our first expectations”. Honestly, for me, I will rate Sheep’n Guns only as nearly-to-good release. Why? There is nothing that totally hooked me up with this album, but sincerely, the drum blast as hell, really tight and pummeling. The growl is somewhat really boring, I’ve been hearing in lotsa records before this. Anyway Sheep’n Guns have a kinda good song’s structure, varied from one to another track. Still, if you are into death, grind or even gore, this might fulfill your appetite.

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