Monday, November 28, 2011


Italy's purest personification of hate...
Answered by their frontman Giulio The Bastards...

RF: Tell us about your non-musical life (besides Cripple Bastards and Scarey Recs/EU’91 Prod).
CB: Well, I work full time on the label/mailorder and I collaborate with a booking agency. That's how I make a living. Before I was a driver for touring bands. The other CB members have all different jobs, drummer is a violin maker, guitarist runs an online bookstore, bass player works for an import/export company. We all have families, wives and that's it.

RF: Cripple Bastards has an experience in releasing stuff under both small DIY independent label and big independent label. Tell us the similarities and the differences between both categories of labels.
CB: Smaller DIY labels are cool if you do tons of releases like Agathocles so you can get your stuff widespread all around reaching all possible countries. Also, those kind of labels were the real roots of the '80s/'90s scene as they helped developing a lot of musical genres and spreading stuff backed by true attitude. Bigger labels like Relapse or similar are cool for bands needing a worldwide scale promotion and a more mainstream oriented visibility, especially today. It's up to one band's goals, we like both ways.

RF:I have been a fan of your Punk’s Not Music tape…I have been playing it for ages… Its classic and honest, I must say….Now the CB music had grew to more structural rather than nihilist and in your face as it used to be…. Is this ‘progression’ had something to do with age, experience and line-up changes?
CB: CB is all about being spontaneous and heartfelt, about portraying an expression of hatred, aggression and negativity. What you hear today is simply the result of a band doing this since 24 years, but the basic spirit is still the same and the band wouldn't exist without this urge. The DIY taste all based on the "homerecorded is honest / ultra-produced is corporate" is quite a onedimensional view if applied on a band keeping things alive and kicking for so long... it we would have released walkman-recorded stuff for all this time we would be a bunch of sheeps unable to change and variate with the time. The last line-up change we had was 12 years ago, so it doesn't matter at all. Age? It's not about how old you are but how old you feel inside.

RF: I know this is an old story, but I’m still interested to know what actually happen between CB and Zip and Chain zine which resulted to CB have a song ‘Cleaning my ass with Zip & Chains?
CB: Yes, it's a story that happened in the mid '90s and I haven't seen that asshole for over a decade now. He ripped us off asking to send our releases for his stupid zine and then never reviewing them, years later we saw he was re-selling those records, so not only he got them for free without thanking back with a review, he even took a profit on them! We hyper-reacted in the typical CB way, so we did that song for revenge. By the way, it wasn't just for the zine related issue, when I met him once in person I thought that he was a shitface, one of those persons that you find repugnant at first sight even without a reason. So yeah, the song rules and still now I hope that he suffocates in his own shit.

RF: Do you think grindcore now had become a ‘product’ for making money rather than a platform of expression as it used to be?
CB: No way. Maybe a few bands manage to do that, but it's definitely not our case.

RF: Brief us about Nerorgasmo CD/DVD and is there any possibility to see CB do the tour in South East Asia? Thanks Gullio, before we end this, if you wanna say something, just say it now matey!
CB: Nerorgasmo CD/DVD on FOAD Records is the complete discography of a super-cult italian Dark/Punk band that raged in the '80s. It's one of our label's best sellers. Oh yeah, for those who don't know it yet, I currently work at (label) and (mailorder). Touring the South East of Asia would be a dream for me because I love the Asian way of living and mentality, and I'm very close to it as my wife is from Thailand and I attend a lot of Thai people. But who knows if we'll ever manage to do it, way too busy with our jobs, and need to find a serious/dedicated promoter able to cover all expenses, flights etc... time will tell.



*Photo taken from CB facebook page.