Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Released somewhere in October 2011 and this band is very new to me, never heard of them before. I read somewhere mentioning they are death metal outfit, so I have to check them out. When I get their track, I was kinda excited to see how this band sounded like. After giving this band few spinning on this three tracks EP, I personally think that Necrosed can go further if they find their own style. They play mixture of technical death with some black injection! Not really tight but worry not, they will mature by time, I do believed that. Just keep playing man! Beneath The Mist has the melodic part, so does last track, Necrosed. Not really an eyes opening for me, but these guys can go further with their music.



Binky said...

Hey dude! Thanks for the review, I have no idea about how you stumbled upon our stuff, since we just uploaded the EP/Demo to two or three blogs, but we're really amazed! Thank you for all the kind words. Our style is really hard to define and these three tracks may not be the best to describe us, because we even have 10-minute songs with lots of sax and jazz fusion stuff and minute-and-a-half songs in the vein of Wormrot, Nasum... just pure grind style! Our goal is to mix as much influences as we can, that's really what is our own style. And you're right, we have time to mature since we're just between 16-18 years old. Time will tell. Well, thanks once again for the amazing review, guys. Greetings from Spain! \m/

Antonio (Vocals and sax)