Wednesday, February 22, 2012


A true cult band, DEMISOR formed in 1987 to play ugly and chaotic grinding death metal, releasing their first demo in 1990 and following it up with over a dozen splits releases.

Playing shows in Malaysia and Japan long before airfares were dirt cheap and borders just meant different coloured road signs, and surviving line-up changes caused by everything from prison to emigration, DEMISOR are true old school masters, and they're here to teach you respect......


It is good to hear that you guys are re-uniting again to grind the bastard down. So, what motivated u guys to get back together?
It was 15 years ago since we’re on the plan to get back with the old lineups. In 2010, we finally made it after having a good discussion on the new Demisor’s direction because we can’t leave that grind music that have attached in our hearts and that what the comeback for.

How the new album going? Please let us know the studio used for recording, when it will be released, who mostly wrote the track, how many tracks, cover artist, etc for this album. It supposed to be released under Pulverized Records right? How’s the deal?
Right now the process is an album deal which contains 10 new raging traxs, we’re still undergoing the recording process so I can’t tell you exactly the time we took so far. We will be revealing it after all this shit is done, ok?

You will be touring Europe to support the album soon, how many dates you will be playing? This will be Demisor first European tour right? The feeling and expectation?
Gee..I can’t wait and express how great this tour should be, we will be in Belgium, Netherland, France, German and Czech for five dates tour and will be launching the album across Europe.

I’ve heard that Demisor had few recording session that never happen to be released due to unexpected problems. Any plan for those unreleased song?
Those traxs would probably be recorded again and fit in this album and few bonuses will also be included to make this album pack of grindmadness traxs during our younger days ahha..

With this re-union, what do you expect? Will this be forever or just for the European tour and then you guys will split again?
I don’t have much expectation for this band as time will tells. We’re growing older as days comin’ so the European tour will be more hectic due to age..ahha. But I do hope we can be as long as we can coz of passion and friendship between us.

All the best to you guys!! Anything you would like to add before we end this interview?
Hell yeah thanks to u too Mack for interviewing us, keep doing this and never stop. The scenes need people like u to catch infos etc. For all Demisorians, watch out for the album 2012 and merchandises too!

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