Friday, March 9, 2012


Hello SSS, how’s life there in Tokyo? I’ve heard the standard cost of living there are very high. Is that true? How much it will cost to buy a house in Tokyo?
I've been good in Tokyo. That’s true that the cost of living Tokyo is high. I don't know about the cost buying a house.

How’s SSS last year South East Asia tour going? It has been a week full of show if I’m not mistaken, how’s the crowd? Are they going apeshit? Which show have the most people and which show has little people?
It was second time SSS plays in South East Asia. The last show “Grind Year Eve” was many people coming. Also Jakarta and Bangkok show as well. We were so excited for all shows! Great people and great local bands.

By your experience, did tour really expensive now day? Did you pay the tour manager? Or you just did everything by your own?
Basically all tours were D.I.Y. some of my friends managed and booked shows for all tours.

SSS also did a recoding in Amsterdam, Netherland with the engineer PODA ( Paterani, MDC etc). So let me know how you hooked with Poda in the first place? How the experience working with him?
Ivan from Fuck Yoga Records has set up the recording with Poda for upcoming new 3 inch vinyl from Fuck Yoga & IDONEUM BELLO. Poda has good experience for recording of HC/PUNK music. And I like his personally, very nice guy!!

Do you well planned your track or it is spontaneous?
Depending on the concept of the album. Usually we make songs in studio while we are playing session.

Besides of touring and destroying music, what else do you both do, especially to pay the bills? I think that is all for now, all the best with your band and if you have anything, just shout it out here. Tqvm.
There is no special reason to want to keep making noise and blasting drums. We just want to do noisegrind! SETE STAR SEPT is forever! Non stop!

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