Monday, April 9, 2012


For a band that has been grinding from 1989, this album might considerable as another ‘musical progression’. Even there are no major changes since their 2009’s Time Wait For No Slave, this album still delivering a fresh and solid grind madness. Personally I never dig any Napalm Death’s album after their Scum album, don’t know why, but this is the reality. Not that I hate progression, but it seem that the band with lots of progression are way beyond what they are. Ok, back to the album, these 16 tracks (LP version get another one bonus track, while limited edition get two bonus) album marked the number of 14th official album release by the band and they are still touring, composing, and still making the grind freak worldwide going apeshit with their brand of grind assault. Decades of grinding, they are still influential and essential, for some.

Available from Century Media Records