Monday, August 13, 2012


To my knowledge, this Portland based band is a d-beat crust worshipper but on this album I was surprise because they have less the d-beat but more on crust.  Was first get to know this band thru my reading in HaC years back and from there I get a chance to listen to their first release which kinda blown away all the hardcore scene at that time. The band was everywhere talked about. Ok get back to the album, not really an avid follower on their previous album, but this album really hooked me with their maturity and progression. The music is heavy as fuck with piles of hard work put into it that results a very good arrangement and structure. I don’t have anything to complain, not bad I must say, unless you are a diehard fan that hate progression of your favorite band, than this album might be something you’ll get angry with.
Available from Tragedy Records