Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Four Malaysian bands in a seven inches wax- a very good surprise. It has been a long time since Hapuskan I.S.A  7” that we can listen to a compilation of Malaysian band in vinyl (if I’m not mistaken). Sarjan Hassan kicked started the whole thing by their Death Does Not Means The End, which are fast pace punk with a little echo vocal. Pogo punk and in your face music! Second song, Pushers’ The Culture Shake, really remind me to the old Naked Butterfly with mixing of Rage Against The Machine. Kinda good I must say especially the booming and running bass-will set you to the dance floor! The Garrison next comes with punk rock and melodic approach in their Rolling Thunder. Just my opinion – if the vocalist spit out rage more energetic, their track will be better, but I like their guitar’s layers there. Crimescene really shocked me with their hardcore screaming track of Transgression. Start it slow and heavy with distorted bass (I think) but later blast a fast hardcore with shouting vocal. Not sure either the vocalist has a candy in his mouth or what, but maybe this is his style of vocal, who knows. Comes with hand print gatefold cover and a zine (Shock and Awe! no 5), this is a good release if you wanna check what is happening in local scene now.
A zine (Shock and Awe! No 5) and this 7” comes together and available from