Monday, June 3, 2013


This is super ace!! Actually this is a re-release album from the lost contract between Combat Record and Master somewhere in 1984-85. Even this album didn’t make it, but it was well spread among the tape trader at that time (and influenced some of the now available metal, death and thrash acts). Taking that, Vic Record had repressed this album onto plastic disc with new cover work and liner notes from the band. I’m not sure either all the track had been remastered or just direct transfer from the master tape but the sound recording is just perfect even some metal head might not agreed (oh ya, they have different quality of recording from track to track). Personally, the raw and dirty sound in this album can send some maniac to the level of orgasm. The guitar are dry and yelling, the drum paddle are like the ancient calling for war, the vocal are very angry, I mean, very very angry. One thing I must say, I just fall in love with Master !!

Available from Vic Records